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    How has Christianity influenced American (choose one: politics, sports, family life or holiday celebrations).

    Why did Americans elect Donald Trump in 2016?

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    Please , I want you to help me to find some topics for my research paper which is about American studies . But specific topics

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    Does spending time on social media cause children to have mental health problems?

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    Hi! I am only 9 years old but i want to make my teacher proud and this website really helped. Was interested in the 3-D printing thingie. i really love the website! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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    Hi Donna--Yes, I'm really interested in the 3-D printing idea. I had a student in my class this semester who knew someone who worked for a 3-D company which would allow you to design anything and then sell it online. If someone wanted to buy it, they can, and the company would then create it on their 3-D printer and ship it off! Amazing! There is actually a TEDD talk by the man who is developing the 3-D printer for organs and body parts. I didn't include it in the article because it is less interesting at the beginning, and I thought it would not capture a person's attention as well, but it you are interested, you might want to check it out.

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    Great current event topics! I saw a TV segment on 3d printers. It is pretty amazing what they can copy. The video you posted about the next possibility being copying body parts and organs is incredible!

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  • The latest extreme weather news is all about the Philippines’ typhoon, Hagupit. At least 21 people are believed dead and close to 1 million were displaced from their homes as they sought safe shelter. The storm, which had sustained winds of 85 miles per hour when it made landfall, may still cause problems with ongoing storm surges.

    The path of the Philippines’ typhoon Hagupit. (Credit: CNN)

    The third such storm in three years has led the island nation to better natural disaster preparedness, but has it affected the climate change debate? While the Philippines braced for the worst, others around the world are wondering how the typhoon will impact the current climate talks.

    Philippines’ typhoon and the climate talks

    While the climate change debate rages on, developing countries like the Philippines are worrying about the role global warming is playing in the annual major weather problems the country is now experiencing. Natural disaster preparedness is costly enough, but the current climate talks taking place in Lima, Peru, are now asking these developing nations to step up and participate in costly emission limits as well.

    Alex Morales discussed the issue in “Typhoon Adds Urgency for UN Climate Talks as Rift Opens” for December 7, 2014. While wealthier nations have said they will help the poorer countries financially when it comes to making positive environmental changes, they have not explained how they will do this in detail. The poorer countries, led by China and India, want more. Morales wrote, “They want specifics included on how the richer nations will pay the aid that they’ve promised to help the poorer nations fight global warming.”

    Too late to stop extreme weather?

    China and the U.S. went into the current climate talks with a pact to reduce emissions, leaving many optimistic about the possibility of real advances in the climate change debate. However, will it be?

    Crunch time for climate change talks” posted by Nick Clark for December 8, 2014, shared that many are hopeful. “This round of talks is particularly important because negotiators from 195 countries simply must lay down rock solid foundations, so that in Paris a year from now, a globally binding treaty on how the world is to deal with climate change, will be signed, sealed and delivered,” he wrote. The ferocity of extreme weather, such as the Philippines’ typhoon, will hopefully encourage all the nations to get serious about cutting emissions.

    The deal that the U.S. and China struck calls for America to cut emissions by 26 to 28 percent below 2005 levels by 2025 and for China’s emissions to peak by 2030. Meanwhile, India has also pledged to double its use of renewable energy by 2020.

    Natural disasters preparedness—embracing the need

    Politicians may still be debating the reality of climate change, but most of the public and those in the media are open to talking about natural disaster preparedness. When Hurricane Katrina struck Louisiana in 2005, many journalists felt it was irresponsible to ask whether or not our government was capable of handling large-scale extreme weather events.

    But as John Dyer wrote in “Ready for the Big One: Extreme Weather May Be Changing Attitudes about Disaster Reporting, Making Editors and the Public More Receptive to Stories Questioning Preparedness” for the summer 2014 issue of National Reports, that is changing. “Today, after Sandy flooded Lower Manhattan and two inches of snow shut down Atlanta, more journalists believe it’s irresponsible for the press not to ask whether extraordinary events could push disaster preparedness networks to their breaking points,” he shared.

    As the Philippines’ typhoon showed, disaster preparedness can make the difference between dozens of lives being lost and thousands. According to Dyer, for reporters, more people than ever are interested in hearing about how to prepare for future extreme weather and what countries need to do in terms of climate change to mitigate such disasters, not only after such events happen, but even before.

    Want to learn more about global warming and natural disasters? Check out Questia—particularly the section climate change. 

    Will the current climate talks finally achieve a measure of success? Or will the world continue to put off dealing with global warming? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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