Bio Organic Tattoo Definition Essay

The bioorganic tattoo style is an abstract representation of naturally flowing, and comprised of elements that can be found in the natural world. It’s pretty common to see plants, bones, teeth, and other imagery that all swirl together and contort with the shape of the human body. Similarly to biomechanical tattoos, where elements of robotics and technology are fused with the anatomical structure of the subject, bioorganic tattoos do the same but with more ‘organic’ subject matter.

No matter what tattoo artist you choose, each bioorganic tattoo will be 100% custom in its creation, as the designs are typically freehand in their outline, and are designed to the specific body structure of the recipient. The bioorganic tattoo varies in and of itself as much as any tattoo style does, but has evolved from the desire for natural immersion. By definition, bioorganic is the descriptive term that pertains to the composition and activity of a carbon-based compound, which in layman’s terms, is anything that is “alive”.

Typically, bioorganic tattoos are very textured. Looking at examples of tattoo artists like Roman Abrego, Paul Booth, and Nick Baxter, you’ll see the heavy usage of corals, bones, metals, plants, tree bark, among other elements. These designs can often be fused with the internal structure of the human body, such as veins, muscle tissue, organs and such. Because of the vibrant beauty and diverse color palette of the natural world, bioorganic tattoos are often very bright and colorful, while biomechanical tattoos are usually darker in both color (often black and grey) and in mood.

Bio Organic Sleeve by Nick Baxter

The line that separates bio organic from biomechanical can be blurred; both styles have many similar elements and often blend together.  Some tattoo artists use vivid color schematics and add machine-esque elements such as metal panels, wiring, and other things in order to create a more dynamic design.

Bio Organic/Mechanic Sleeve by Roman Abrego

With all that said, bioorganic tattoos are best reserved for seasoned tattoo artists, well versed in color theory, light perspectives, and anatomical knowledge. The perfect bio organic tattoo will flow naturally with the curves of the human body, and appear as a “part” of the skin canvas.

Bio Organic Eye by Paul Booth

written by Leo Gomon

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