Edgar Allan Poe And Alcoholism Essay


Brian Emmanuel TamayoEnglish 2BMrs. Coulter 11/17/14Theories on Edgar Allan Poe’s Cause of eath!f one "ere as#ed if they #ne" of Edgar Allan Poe$ "ould it ring any %ells& '(h$ yeah) !sn’t he that one famous *oet&+ one might as#. Many #no" the name$ %ut only fe" #no" of his story. Poe made his mar# on this "orld through his *oems$ %ut he also left %ehind another mar# , a mystery- his death. o one #no"s surely ho" Poe died %ut many theories eist today that are a00e*ted. Poe’s death "as theoried to %e 0aused %y al0ohol$ ra%ies$ or as a i0tim of a  *oliti0al #idna**ing. ! strongly %eliee that the theory of Poe3s death %eing 0aused %y ra%ies is the most lia%le %e0ause the eiden0e su**orts it is more 0redi%le.To %egin "ith$ the first theory of Poe’s death is %y al0ohol. esear0h on Poe’s death led many *eo*le to %eliee it "as 0aused %y 0ere%ral inflammation$ "hi0h "as %elieed to %e 0aused %y e0essie drin#ing in Poe’s 0ase. r. Moran$ the last do0tor that attended to Poe in the hos*ital$ re*orted Poe haing elirium Tremens$ a 0ondition in "hi0h the %ody undergoes ma5or 0hanges after stages of heay drin#ing. 'Moran’s a00ount, indi0ates delirium tremens$ mania a  *otu+ 6ilermann 2248. Poe had most sym*toms of elirium Tremens su0h as %ody tremors$ 0hanges in mental fun0tion$ agitation$ irrita%ility$ 0onfusion$ disorientation$ fear$ hallu0inations$ and 9ui0# mood 0hanges. Poe’s un0le stated that he "as only a0ting this "ay %e0ause he "as drun#$ or in *arti0ular$ had drun# too mu0h. ! did not 0hoose this theory as the most lia%le  %e0ause of the fa0t that it "as %ased on re*orts made more than one hundred years ago.

The Influence of Alcohol and Drugs in Edgar Allen Poe Life Essay

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The influence of alcohol and drugs in Edgar Allan Poe’s life “Deep into that darkness peering, long I stood there, wondering, fearing, Doubting, dreaming dreams no mortal ever dreamed before” (Edgar Allan Poe). Darkness and sadness are strong characteristics of Edgar Allan Poe’s writing. The tragedies during his life, such as the death of his biological and adoptive moms, followed by the death of his young wife Virginia were important factors which formed his gothic style. Poe is known for his drinking problems and use of drugs. Those habits had a big influence in his life and in his works. Family members, classmates, depression and disasters influenced Poe to use alcohol. The possibilities of Poe been an alcoholic increased…show more content…

1). Poe went so far that he got into a point that he drank absinthe and brandy which is a really dangerous mixture (Poe, Drugs and Alcohol 27). Between the many possible causes of Edgar Allan Poe’s death, his problem with alcohol is really considerable as one important reason of his early death (Scharf, Douglas 1). Even though Poe was completely addicted to alcohol, many times, he tried very hard to fight against his alcoholism. Right after his first long drinking experience, during college, he tried to stay away from it (Black, Jamee A. 3). His drinking times were intermittent and he stayed abstain from alcohol for months in some of those periods (Poe, Drugs and Alcohol 8). Promises were made and repeatedly times he said that would never drink again. As one side of Poe tells him that he should stop with alcohol, the other side tells that he should drink to relief his emotional pains and usually he followed this last side once is a lot easier to deal with it (Black, Jamee A. 6). In 1847, Poe’s get extremely hard into drinking, one of the worse times during his whole life, after the death of his young wife Virginia (Hennelly, Mark M. 1). After this event he could stop drinking alcohol anymore (Poe, Drugs and Alcohol 14). Other important characteristic of his life is the use of drugs. Some evidences show that Poe really used drugs but for medical benefits in which the doctors gave to him as a medicine

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