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I’m teaching Ephesians this semester at the Los Angeles Bible Training School, which I continue to call the best Bible Institute in Los Angeles. Well over a half century of urban ministry centered on the Bible, and the courses are free.

Whenever possible in any context, I teach the Bible using the immersion method, roughly in the form advocated by James Gray about a hundred years ago. It’s a simple technique with many advantages; chief among those advantages is that there’s nothing very tricky about it. You just read the primary text straight through at a single sitting. Then you do it again. And again. Etc. I explained some of the rationale behind it in an older blog post here.

Sometimes I just assign students to do the repeated readings in their own classroom Bibles. But other times (on abroad trips, for instance) I’ve printed up little booklets with the text of the assigned book, and a few extra features.

This semester I did that with Ephesians. To see the little booklet, click here or on the image above. It’s really just the ESV text arranged for reading (generally I use NASB at this school, but decided to switch it up this year). You can see I kitted this one out with some specific reading schedule deadlines for my class, and even some recommended things to look for in the rereadings, generally things which will correspond to the course lectures as the semester goes along.

Another feature I added was “Ephesians at a Glance,” which puts the entire text of Ephesians on a two-page booklet spread:

You’re not really supposed to be able to read it. It’s more of a map to help you see what’s where in the whole book. Right away it displays the different lengths of the chapters, which helps you realize that chapter four doesn’t just feel long; it is long! I also find that having the whole book on a one-page map like this encourages students to think of Ephesians as a short (154 verses) and manageable book.

What I’ve highlighted in this case is the eight memory passages I’ve assigned for the term. But you can also use an at-a-glance spread like this to do some fantastic Bible marking that tracks theme recurrences, section relationships, etc.

The rereader booklet adds a lot to the class experience; there’s a sharper focus and a greater concreteness about the task of rereading Ephesians when it’s in a custom-made booklet in your hand. Check out how I put mine together, and see if something similar might help your teaching.


This page is designed to help make commentaries, monographs and articles on the Epistle to the Ephesians available to those without easy access to a theological library. Many of the links below connect you to scanned, published books and articles made available by Google Books (often 75% of content). Importantly, Google Books allows you to search within a volume and also across volumes (rather than across the entire WWW). The Google Book Project also makes hard to find and expensive monographs readily accessible to researchers. This Reading Room collects those materials on one page.

NB: For bibliographic management and notetaking while reading, Zotero is highly recommended ("a free, easy-to-use Mozilla Firefox extension to help you collect, manage, and cite your research sources"). For page snapshots and printing of Google Book pages, try Microsoft's snipping tool (paste text into Word -- or Zotero).

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Reading the Letter to the Ephesians

Commentaries and Introductions on Ephesians


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Commentaries (Popular)/ Preaching Aids/ Spiritual Readings (Selected)

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Introductory Chapters/Articles on Ephesians

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  • See articles on "Ephesians" in NT encyclopedia and handbooks

Monographs/Studies on Aspects of Ephesians

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Articles, Chapters on Aspects of Ephesians

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