Ignou Ma Education Dissertation Topics


Dear Learner,We are happy that you have opted to undertake the dissertation project. This Handbook details the policies andprocedures of dissertation project in Political Science. It also serves


an introductoryguide to conceive, plan andexecute the dissertation project.A dissertation is an extended essay on a specific problem or question. It involves research work. Capability toconduct basic research is an important skill


a Political Science major. It allows you to explore the areas of thepolitical world that interests you and present your findings in a well-structured document. It also allows you to bea critical consumer of other research.This Handbook




some ofthe important methods and techniques of


collection. The informationcontained within may not fully equip you to carry out primary research, e.g. in the form of surveys or fieldwork.However, we


sure that it will help you to critically examine and appreciate some of the primary and secondaryliterature you will go through to complete your dissertation.Dissertation work, by definition, is a self-directed work. It is conceived, executed and reported primarily by you.There will, however,


an Academic Supenisor to advise and guide you at different stages of dissertation work.The Academic Counsellor at the Study Centre will organise counselling sessions and will most probably be yourAcademic Supervisor. Since you do not have formal training in research methodology, we suggest that you be


touch with your Academic Supervisor at regular intervals to discuss specific stages in the preparation of thedissertation e.g. identifying a topic, writing the dissertation proposal, timetable, and methods; draft chapters andthe


draft.You may also write to the faculty at the headquarters to seek additional information and advice.

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Home Schooling Dissertation Topics

Home schooling refers to any time when children are educated at home instead of being enrolled in a public or private school. Here are some further discussions in this area that you could use in your education dissertation.

• Are children who are schooled at home able to handle socially challenging situations?
• Should home schooling be regulated more, and if so, by whom?
• Why is the trend for home schooling on the rise in the UK?
• Children that are home schooled are usually educated by either parent or both parents, instead of a governess or some other trained educator; is this a good thing?
• Children who are home schooled have less behavioural problems than those attending conventional schools. Why?
• Home schooling has more advantages than disadvantages when compared to sending children to a traditional school.
• Students who are home schooled are usually higher achievers than those attending traditional schools.
• Should the increasing trend in home schooling be allowed to continue without any further legislation being passed on regulation and monitoring?
• Should the traditional schooling system be changed to embrace some of the components of home schooling, if so, which aspects would be selected?
• Should traditional schools have programmes where students can participate from home, over the Internet, instead of attending school each day and would that have any impact in the reduction of teenage delinquency, dropout rates and other issues?
• Should home schooled children follow the National Curriculum and if so, why?
• Should home schooling be allowed if the parents are not educated?
• Should all home schooling be monitored by online assessment lessons?
• Is online learning beneficial for young home schooled children, and why?

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