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Summary: Theodore Taylor's novel The Cay is about Phillip, a 12-year-old boy who is stranded on a small island with an African American stranger whom he soon learns to befriend. This experience enabled Phillip to become more mature, less dependent on help from others, and less judgmental of other people.

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October 18, 2004

The Cay

The main character in the book The Cay is Phillip Enright. He is a twelve-year-old boy who undergoes many changes and in many ways, all because he was stranded on a Cay, a cay is another name for a small island.

Phillip changed by being more mature after being on the island with Timothy. This shows because in the beginning of the book, Phillip liked war and thought of it as a game, like the ones him and his friend would play. He also never listened to his parents, an example would be: "I stole away down to the old fort with Henrik Van Boven...I had played there many times with Henrik and the others boys." He soon learned that war was not a game, and that it meant death and destruction. He did not show respect to...

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Book Report on The Cay

If you must write a book report on the adventure book The Cay by Theodore Taylor but you don't want to actually read the book (or you don't have time), there are ways to get around reading the book and you can still write a great report. Simply reading the overview of the book and learning about the book's themes, as well as what others have to say about it, can give you a solid understanding of the book to write a passing report.

Overview of the book

The Cay is about Philip, a white boy, and Timothy, an old black man, who are stranded on an island after the ship they were on is torpedoed and they shipwreck. Phillip was blinded in the wreck and Timothy (who worked on the ship) takes care of him, teaching him how to survive without his eyesight. Phillip's parents were racists and Timothy also teaches the eleven year-old boy to overcome that, as well. The pair begins to develop a deep love for another as Phillip is shown compassion and kindness from Timothy.

Timothy suffers from malaria and pulls through, but afterwards he realizes he has to the boy to survive on his own because he won't always be around to help him.

Themes of the book

This book gives details of World War II and surviving when time are hard, but that isn't the only theme. Growing beyond your past, learning to take care of yourself, and love that transcends generations, class, and race are some of the stronger themes in the book. Based on the overview alone you can make a strong report on any of the themes listed, but you could also research more themes online.

Reviews of readers

Check out what readers and book reviewers have to say about The Cay to get a good grasp on what people who actually read the book have to think about it. This will also give you a jumping off point for your book report and may point you in the direction of some details you won't have otherwise without reading the book.

If you want to write a book report on The Cay without actually reading the book, you have several options available to you and you can find enough information online and in the book's overview to write a decent report. Be sure to find several sources and research thoroughly before putting any information in the report so that you can be sure what you are writing is accurate.

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