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Researching is a skill. Scouring the worldwide web for free and reliable resources when doing homework, writing a paper or studying for an exam, can be fruitless if students don’t really know what they’re looking for. Chances are, while Googling random and general “how to’s”, they’ll find themselves tagging friends in Facebook and tweeting galore instead of doing what they actually have to. Fortunately, Tutor Hero decided to compile a list of free and reliable homework help for students and parents.

Before you hire a tutor and spend a dime, here are a handful of helpful resources that will make you say goodbye to procrastination and jumpstart your research and review.

Discovery Education

Discovery Education Canada provides a prolific cache of easy-to-grasp interactive lessons, real-time assessment, and awesome virtual experiences (in the form of interactions, contests and challenges). The site aims to supplement classroom learning by tickling the student’s natural curiosity and bringing him colorful, effervescent presentations that allow the child – whether in grade school or high school – to not just read, but experience the colors, places, people, flavors and history of the world. Some of the site’s free student resources include free help in Science, English, Social Studies and other subjects.



Webmath is a top-notch high-tech tool that generates answers to specific math questions and problems real-time. We find this site particularly awesome because if you’re doing your homework and you’re stuck in a math problem you can type it in their textbox, click solve and viola! WebMath instantly gives you the answer and provides the complete solution. Don’t get us wrong. Math Tutoring is incredibly helpful, but this is the epitome of Mathematics in your fingertips.


Open Culture

Open Culture offers a wide array of educational media ranging from audio books, electronic textbooks, language lessons and even online crash courses. If you ever find yourself gnawing at the internet for something reliable, you forget Wikipedia and check out Open Culture’s list of 200 free educational resources. The list includes sites like Bartleby (for literature and classics), CK-12 (for Science, Technology, Mathematics, and Engineering), Ancient Web and Art Babble, that will be immensely helpful with home works and papers.


Khan Academy

This incredible online source welcomes learners with the promise that “You can learn anything”. True to this maxim, the Khan Academy, offers Fundamental, Intermediate and Advanced lessons in Math, Science, Economics and Finance, Arts and Humanities, and Computing. The in-depth topic-per-topic videos can be counted on not only for free homework help, but also for Test preparations. All you need to do is become part of the community, log in and then you can learn at your own pace, at your own schedule. With this awesome resource, learning is free for everyone. Forever.


Smart Tutor


Smart Tutor is actually a educational software for Kindergarten to Sixth Graders that aims to deliver quality, efficient and personalized learning through dynamic games and videos. The software assess the child’s capabilities and teaches lesson per lesson according to the skills detected, so the student is able to develop in his own pace without stress and pressure. Although the actual software is for sale, a colossal set of free resources and fun educational games can be found in their website.


Homework Help

Funded by the Ontario government and TVO’s independent Learning centre, Homework Help provides free math help for students from Grade 7 to 10. Here, students (and even parents) can chat with a tutor, access 24/7 resources that include interactive tutorials and make use of the basic tools for online learning. You need to register to the community to be able to access these features, but no worries, because everything is free.


TVOKids Homework Zone

TVOKids Homework Zone is a fun learning site for kids ages 11 and under. The site offers exciting games, activities and videos that portray the most boring lessons in a refreshing, interesting and engaging way to grade school students. You can also find a handful of learning tips from the website, plus various printable hand-outs.


SOS Devoirs

Predominantly French, SOS Devoirs is a French language tutoring service that is available for students from Saskatchewan, Nunavut, Yukon and Ontario that are in Grades 1 to 12. Powered by the Centre Franco-Ontarien de Ressources Pedagioques (CFORP), Selected French Language School Boards and the Canada-Ontario Infrastructure Program Agreement, this program aims to administer free tutoring services on any subject to francophone students.


Tutors in the Classroom

Tutors in the Classroom believe that a positive relationship between a tutor and a tutee will reinforce desire for learning, develop confidence and self-esteem and establish a purpose and hope for the future. Based in Toronto, tutors are volunteer to work with groups of students that may need either remediation or enrichment, assist students to prepare for competitions, organize science fairs and familiarize tutees with various educational softwares.


Ontario Focused Intervention Partnership Tutoring

The Ontario Focused Intervention Partnership Tutoring aids school boards in starting and continuing programs like homework clubs, cultural programs, and after-school tutoring, that help enhance fundamental reading and counting skills of students from Junior Kinder to Sixth Grade.


We sat down with Karen Grose, TVO’s Vice President of Digital Learning, and member of ORION’s Board of Directors, to learn more about TVO’s transformation from educational broadcaster to innovative digital learning organization.

Q: Tell us a bit about TVO

TVO was created in 1970 as the technological extension of Ontario’s public education system. In the last five years, TVO has made a remarkable shift and has transformed from solely a TV station to a digital learning organization.

Today, TVO provides innovative learning experiences, supporting success for students and increasing citizen engagement for all Ontarians. We do this by focusing on our strengths: innovative educational products; in-depth current affairs; groundbreaking documentaries; and award-winning TVOKids resources. TVO’s learning content reaches millions of Ontarians in classrooms, online and on mobile devices.

Q: The government recently announced a Renewed Math Strategy. Could you tell us what this means for K-12 education?

In our day-to-day life and interconnected world, math matters. Strong math skills are crucial to helping young learners succeed in school as well as in the current global marketplace. Creating a skilled workforce, which will ultimately help strengthen Ontario’s economy and enable the province to compete on a global scale, is critical to our future success.

Yet in talking to students, teachers and parents, we have heard that math can trigger anxiety.  It can be hard to learn, and complex to teach. In this context, TVO saw an opportunity to harness our expertise at the intersection of curriculum, pedagogy and digital media to create tools and resources that help students build a solid foundation in STEAM subjects (science, technology, engineering, arts and math), and develop the global competencies they need to succeed today.

Q: How is TVO supporting K-12 math and global competencies?

This has been a really exciting time for our organization! TVO created mPower, a fun and innovative online game-based resource that builds problem-solving, critical thinking and math skills for learners in Kindergarten to Grade 6. As the popularity of online gaming among young Canadians continues to grow, it is a natural fit to leverage digital game-based learning to tap into kids’ enjoyment so that learning math is fun.

TVO also offers award-winning TVOKids content and innovative educational resources to support the development of math and global competencies. The popular TVOKids program, Annedroids, a series about a kid-genius scientist named Anne, was recently found to help increase self-esteem, foster interest in STEAM in girls, and reduce gender stereotypes. Another great example is TVO’s Homework Help – a free online math tutoring service with real-time one-on-one tutoring from Ontario-certified teachers available for Grade 7 -10 students. Homework Help also provides teachers with an array of tools to support teaching math to students during the instructional day.

Q: So how did TVO create mPower?

Oh, it’s been so much fun! Starting in 2014, TVO built mPower from the ground up. mPower’s development is rooted in TVO’s a rigorous instructional design process that guides the creation of all of TVO’s high-quality educational content.

A multidisciplinary team worked to conceptualize, prototype, develop and continually iterate mPower. The team worked in partnership with Ontario’s amazing educators, who guided the development of mPower from its inception, giving TVO critical insight into students’ learning needs and the math challenges they currently face.

Throughout the process, educators and students themselves continued to help shape mPower’s iterations by providing valuable ideas, feedback, play-testing and in-school piloting.

We prototyped the application with over 2,000 K-2 students and educators in 2015. Our 3-6 prototype process just finished in December 2016 and included over 5,000 students and educators.

mPower is a first for TVO in terms of scale and complexity— from the organizational efforts that led to  its creation, to the evolving product. Today, with the insightful voices of students and educators informing its iterations, mPower is evolving to become a comprehensive, high-quality digital classroom resource that is already serving more than 25,000 students!

Ready to explore the tools and resources? K-2 educators can log in to browse TVO’s mPower resources, and upcoming content will soon be available for grades 3-6 as well. Click here to view the student log-in.

TVO is just one of many educational content providers accessed by ORION’s community directly over our network.

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