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The settings for the server are shown in the following table.


Policy Setting

Access this computer from the network

Administrators, Backup Operators, Everyone, Power Users,


Allow log on locally


Allow log on through Terminal Services

Remote Desktop Users

Deny log on locally

Domain Users

Perform volume maintenance tasks


You are a member of the Domain Admins global group. You attempt to perform maintenance tasks on the server,but you receive an error message stating that the local policy of the computer is preventing you from logging onlocally.

You need to ensure that you can perform the maintenance tasks that are required for the server. You also need to

meet the requirements of the written security policy.
What should you do?
A. Remove the Everyone group from the Access this computer from the network policy. Add the Domain Admins
group to the Allow log on locally policy.
B. Add the Administrators group to the Allow log on through Terminal Services policy.
C. Add the Domain Admins group to the Allow log on through Terminal Services policy.
D. Remove the Domain Users group from the Deny log on locally policy.

Answer: D

4. You are the network administrator for your company. The company has a main office in Chicago, and it has abranch office in San Diego. The network consists of a single Active Directory domain. Each office is configuredas an Active Directory site. All domain controllers run Windows server2003. the network connections fromChicago to San Diego intermittently fail. This is an existing condition that will be resolved in the failure

Your company acquires another company that has a main office in Denver. The acquired company does not havebranch offices. a windows server 2003 computer that is configured as a domain controller is added to the Denveroffice. The client computers in all three sites run Windows XP Professional and are configured using DHCP

The server and network configuration for the company is shown in the following table


Server Roles

Server IP Address

Network Links To


DNS, global catalog, WINS, DHCP

San Diego, Denver

San Diego

DNS, domain controller, WINS,DHCP



Global catalog, DHCP

The relevant DHCP scope options for Denver are shown in the following table
Scope Option



DNS Servers

Users in Denver report that sometimes they cannot log on to the domain. They receive an error message that states
that a domain controller for their domain cannot be located.
You need to ensure that users in Denver can authenticate to the domain.
What should you do?
A. Add a domain controller to the Denver site.

I work for a backup software company and some times our customer's backups fail if there's insufficient space on a volume to store the shadow copy data. The solution is to either increase the maximum shadow copy size. However, on small partitions, this isn't always possible. So the next solution is to change the volume the shadow copy is stored on. This can be done for example with .

However, I can't figure out how to use this command for volumes without a drive letter.

This same question was asked at the link below, but I already tried that syntax and it gave me

My syntax using the same volume noted in the list command above:

My laptop is Windows10. I even tried assigning the WinRE volume a drive letter in diskpart. Diskpart and the File Explorer did see the new drive letter assignment, but Disk Management and the vssadmin list shadowstorage commands did not display this drive letter assignment. I thought that was interesting but I don't know why there's a disconnect.

I also tried this on a 2012R2 Server and got the following:

Then I tried doing the same thing using and received the same error. So now I'm just thinking there's a big gap in knowledge I'm missing on how this works.

On Server 2012R2, I can right click on a drive and click 'Configure Shadow Copies...' and change the association that way. But I don't see this option in Windows 10 and ideally I would like to be able to do this all via cmd or PowerShell.

Thank you for looking.


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