Why Was Quarry Bank Mill So Successful Essay For Scholarship

The Objective

The National Trust has owned the Mill since 1939, but for many years key aspects of the property were in private ownership, preventing the Trust from telling the complete story.

Between 2006 and 2012, the Trust was able to acquire the parts of the property that were in private ownership, enabling it to have the complete industrial village under its ownership.

The Impact

Quarry Bank Mill will become a place where the whole range of life in an early Industrial Revolution cotton mill and community can be explored, while remaining as near to its original context and completeness as possible.

Visitors to the site are told stories of the communities and the difficulties they faced, the pauper children who were forced to work, yet missed their families so much that they ran away and the working conditions of the labourers.

Trafalgar has supported three significant National Trust projects. In addition to the Quarry Bank Mill, Trafalgar and TreadRight supported National Trust projects at the White Cliffs of Dover and The Giant’s Causeway.


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