Identity Theft Brochure Assignments

1.)This brochure will contain the following information:

Outside of the Brochure
1. How do you fight Identity Theft.
2. What to do if you fall victim to Identity Theft.
3. Warning Internet Pirates Are Trying to Steal Your Personal Financial Information this is the cover
Inside of the Brochure
1. Define "Phishing"
2. How does "Phishing" Work
3. How to Protect Yourself from "Phishing"

2.)Have students research these questions to find the information, or provide the information from the following website Phishing Document Included are Microsoft Word documents that contain the basic text information that would need to be included in this brochure. The text will need work to fit it into a brochure format.

3.)Students will select their own brochure template to use in either program. This should be a three panel brochure with no forms or customer addresses.

4.)Students will choose the color template and font schemes of their choice. Remind students to keep in mind colors and fonts; they will convey danger and warning!

5.)The middle of the outside cover should have information about "How to Fight Identity Theft." Students may choose to use boxing gloves or any conflict oriented clipart to help convey the text.

6.)The left hand part of the outside cover should include "What to do if you fall victim", including the name and addresses of the three credit reporting agencies.

7.)On the inside cover of the far left hand side of the inside of the brochure insert an explanation of what exactly is “phishing”. Make sure to use some real fishing references in both text and clip art.

8.)All brochures should use drop caps, clip art, and pictures that would appeal to young adults

9.)Requirements and Assessment Rubric

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