Lesson 14 Homework 5.2 Answers Yahoo

Lesson 14 Book 6 pages 141- 147
1.B-D 2.B-D 3.B-C 4.A-D 5.A-B 6.B-C 7.A-C 8.A-D 9.C-B
14B. esteem 2. vanquished 3.opportunity 4.consented 5. extensive 6. exaggerating 7. marvels 8.discretrom
9. engrossing 10. relinquish 11. fantastic
14C. 1. A,B,C,D 2.A,C 3.C 4.A,D 5.A,B,D 6.A,C,D 7.A,B,C 8.A,D
14E. 1. Yes kublai khan ws a wise and benevolent ruler unlike his grandfather Genghis khan 2.The territory Kublai khan ruled as extensive. 3. He established his empire by vanquishing most of the ruler in Asia. 4.Genghis Khan was a tyrant. 5.No that is an exaggeration because Marco polo traveled only from Italy to Asia 6.He gave his consent for Marco Polo to return to Venice. 7.The purpose of Marco Polo's travel in Asia was to carry out missions for Kublai Khan.8. No Marco Polo had to get the consent of Kublai Khan to return home. 9. A less discreet person than Marco Polo might have shared important information with other people at the court. 10.Fantastic means'' unusual''. 11. Kublai Khan thought that Marco Polo would no intrigue against him.12.Marco Polo wanted to return to Venice. 13. Opportunity means '' a time that is right for doing something''. 14. Crocodiles and coal were things that venetions had never seen before.15. Marco Polo's book remains in print because it is such an engrossing story.
These are the answers for wordly wise book 6 Lesson 14
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