Dental Hygiene Proctored Essay For Nursing

If you have been contacted by LSU Health New Orleans School of Nursing Office of Student Services/Affairs and have registered for the proctored essay for Fall 2018 application process, please read the information provided below. We look forward to meeting you!

Information about the Traditional BSN and CARE Accelerated Proctored Essay Process for Fall 2018 Applicants

  • School of Nursing Proctored Essay directional signs will be available to assist you in finding your way.

  • Plan to arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled proctored essay time.

  • The process will consist of a tour of the facility and a proctored exam within our Nursing Skills and Technology Center. The Proctored Essay process will last approximately one (1) hour.

  • The applicant will be expected to write an essay on a topic given at the beginning of the session. A 30 minute time limit will be given for completion of the essay.

  • Please dress professionally. Business casual is appropriate. Slacks and a polo/blouse is appropriate dress.

  • Parking is available on the street or within the parking garages. Parking meters allow up to 2 hours parking at a cost of $1.25/hour. Quarters are acceptable. Garage parking costs approximately $4.00 for up to 2 hours.

Please call the Office of Student Services/Affairs with any questions or concerns – 504-568-4197.


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Thank you for the reply. I'm certainly going to reapply to Pierce and unfortunately I cannot apply elsewhere in this state. Pierce is a 1 hour drive from my home, and I am married and have a young special needs child. We also don't have family here that can help. It's just not possible to commute 2 hours one way to Clark College (for example) when I still need to be available for my family.

As for the space relations score, I'm kicking myself for not being more prepared. I should have bought a practice book or something. I'm quite surprised the average was 80 as I ran out of time and had to guess on about 10 of the problems. Yikes. Do you know if you have to re-take both the writing sample and space relations when reapplying? I've looked on the website and haven't come up with a definitive answer. I'm guessing you can keep the same scores and can re-take both or just the one. As for the HOBET, I was told 80 is a good score, it's also in the superior range according to the national average. Perhaps it's just not competitive enough. If you don't mind my asking, what was your HOBET score? Did you get into Pierce? Not to drill you but what was your sci/math gpa and nonscience gpa? Congrats on getting into 2 schools by the way!!! That's fantastic. Good luck!!

I don't feel hope is lost but this did come as a shock. I even met with the Pierce director and she was very impressed with my GPA. She even commented that it was higher than what she'd been seeing lately--but that was back in January. But, having a 4.0 in sci/math only counts for 40% of the application so it sure isn't enough to guarantee a spot.

As for nursing, I have better chances of getting in and the school is much closer to my home.

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