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Rags to Riches

Harold Livesay's Andrew Carnegie and the Rise to Big Business portrayed Andrew Carnegie as a perfect example of the American Dream. From rags to riches is a journey that Andrew Carnegie portrayed through out his life. He was born into poverty in Scotland, moving to America in 1848. Andrew Carnegie started as a bobbin boy to one of the first tycoons of big business in America. With the jobs he did hold he applied the knowledge and techniques from job to job to generate his fortunes. Through seeing the importance of educating himself, he gave back to which he took so much from. By doing so, he ensured the future of making the American Dream possible for anyone, citizen or immigrant. Andrew Carnegie was born on…show more content…

One of Andrews Carnegie's major investments came in 1861 when he participated in the formation of the Columbia Oil Company. Partnering with Coleman, together they bought the Storey Farm for $40,000, which its capital gains were of $200,000. By 1865 he left the Oil business and started his own business called the Keystone Bridge Company. He considered this company the "pet" and "the patent of all [his] other works.'' When Andrew Carnegie left the railroad, he did so because he saw a vast construction in the near future and was determined to win Keystone a huge share of it. The total investment tripled between the years of 1867 to 1872 to $3.2 billion. In 1861 Carnegie Andrew and Tom Miller made small investments in the Freedom Iron Company. With heavier trains and more frequent runs, the iron rails would break every six weeks or two months which ever came first. Steel rails were used to see if they surpassed their cousin iron. They proved worthy and Andrew Carnegie saw this and used his experience working for the railroad as the right opportunity to get involved in. Most production of the steel rails where by British manufactures, seeing this as a problem he ventured to England. Andrew Carnegie met with his cousin Dod Lauder who had a degree in Engineering, who had found a way to fuse steel faces on iron rails. Andrew Carnegie brought the idea back and encouraged the American Steeled Rail Company to use his cousin's

True Wealth Essay examples

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When one asks themselves "what is wealth," people immediately think of money. They think of nice cars and big houses. People think of power and the ability to have control over others. When I was in elementary school I believed this same thing. Now that I am in college my outlook on what wealth is has changed dramatically. To me wealth is contentment and knowledge. With these two things will come the greatest wealth a person can achieve. Money does not necessarily mean contentment although some people think that it does. Wealth is not having money, property, and power if these things cannot make a person truly content. These things do not necessarily bring wisdom either. When I think of wealth a quotation comes to…show more content…

Wealth is not the ability to take everything for granted. Wealth is not greed and malice towards others. People sometimes put so much stress on wealth.
What I believe is that if one should spend their life gaining wealth than what truly was the purpose of life. When one dies all the wealth will not go with them. Wealth is not the endless struggle to gain more riches than another. If one is obsessed with this idea how can one truly be wealthy. When one struggles for material items such as money there will always be an emptiness inside them.
This emptiness will never be filled no matter how much money they can attain.
Pretty soon the need for money will destroy a person. I have seen how money can corrupt individuals. Wealth is not being famous and having everyone know who you are. Others may know who you are but if you do not know who you are what is the point of all this fame. Wealth is not the ability to gloat and boast to others about your riches.
The more a person does this they will become more lonely in life. When one brags they expect others to feel bad and jealous. This person feeds of these feelings of jealousy. If people are indifferent and do not pay attention then the person will never be complete. How can someone like this truly be wealthy?

When I think of wealth another quotation comes to mind. It was said by
Titus Lucretius Carus:

"But if one should guide his life by

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