Principles Of Management Mgt503 Assignment No. 2 Solution

MGT503 (2nd GDB)


In my point of view many successful Pakistani organizations are follow the principles of scientific management who's described by Fredrick Winslow Taylor. and aslo large number of companies and firm are not follows fully or Partially.

Introduction of Scientific Management:

Fredrick Taylor is a father of scientific management.  Scientific management explains the uses of scientific method. When most people to hear this word science the first image that comes into their minds is one of test tube, computers, white lab coats or rocket ship etc.

These outward accessories are part of science. But now this modern era a lot of sciences are deals with physical, material world and involve in study of people their beliefs, behavior, interactions, attitudes institutions and so forth.

Scientific management is also called ''Taylorism'' . Taylor's principles define how to deal or don their job in efficiently manners. Taylor's four principles of scientific management.

Whyorganizations are following the principles of scientific management in  Pakistani 

Before 21st century there is no awareness about scientific method but now this fast growing modern technological competitive era emphasizing on scientific management and also Pakistani organizations and their people known these principles as a labor's laws. So many Pakistani successful and well known organizations follows scientific management

In Pakistan example of these organizations are Masaud textile (MTM) Faisalabad, Chenab Mills ltd., Ibrahim Group etc.

Why Not  organizations are following the principles of scientific management in  Pakistani 

Because management of Pakistani organization specially local industries is not well educated and well aware management techniques and some Pakistani  organization even having knowledge, are not strictly follow these strict principles of scientific mananement . Also after 21st century there increase  awareness about scientific method or principles of Taylor but  most of firms or companies aimed earn maximize profit not focus on their employees and customer’s needs, wants and satisfaction.

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