Qnt 561 Week 4 Team Assignment Agreement

2Spicy Wings CaseAdvertising techniques that are used to increase sales of a business such as; guaranteed delivery in 30 minutes or less can increase revenues. The company must look at the performanceof the delivery system to evaluate whether the guarantee is something the company can offer andthe probability of an order taking longer than 30 minutes.Descriptive StatisticsUsing descriptive statistics to evaluate the performance of the delivery system will provide a clear picture of whether the 30 minute or less delivery guarantee will be a profitable marketing tool. There were 200 sample deliveries evaluated with mean, standard deviation, sample variance, range, and others listed in figure 1 calculated. The total time was recorded at 22-23 minutes, standard deviation 4.87, standard error 3.45 and sample variance of 23.757. The summary report in figure 1 shows the results of all the calculations based on a 95% confidence interval. The five-number summary on the total time is 8.75, 19.595, 22.895, 26,375, and 31.9.

2Case Study: Super Fun Toys Case StudySuper Fun Toys, Inc., is a toy company who is experienced in selling new and state-of-the-art children’s toys. During the holiday season is the most opportune time to present new products. To have new products rolling out before the pre-season, production should start around May or June for new toys to hit the shelves in October.In week three case study, Team A was selected to help the company present an innovativetoy called Weather Teddy, which is a teddy bear which talks made by a manufacturer in Taiwan. In this study, we have decided to perform a profit projections and perform statistical analysis which is typically perform by the company’s management group. Our team will offer management with a breakdown of an estimate of the profit potential, stock-out probabilities for several order measures, and help make an order amount recommendation. This case will be examined by replying to the following reviewed questions.

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