St John Academy Mclean Homework Chart

This page will be updated at the beginning of each week.  I will let you know the homework for each night, along with any tests or quizzes that will be given.  Unless there is a project due, there will not be any homework on Fridays.  If there is a change in the schedule, there will be a note in your child's daily "Homework" journal. As always, if there are any questions, please email me.
All Homework is due the next day unless noted differently.

**Homework passes can be used in place of any 1 assignment. Please know that they cannot be used in place of studying for an assessment. If there are questions, please let me know. Enjoy!**

Homework for the week of :03/11-03/16:
                                Tests for this week:                                                                                                                   Reading and Spelling test for Unit 4/ Week 2 on Tuesday.
                                 Science Quiz (Unit 4/ Lessons 1 & 3)- Wednesday

Monday:  Math-Complete worksheet.
              Spelling- Rainbow write each word with 3 colors.
              Grammar- Complete worksheet.
              Reading- Read "Vulture View" in the Literature Anthology (This will be sent home. Please return the next day.)

Tuesday: Math- Complete worksheet.
              Spelling- Write each word 2 times neatly.
              Reading- Read passage.

Wednesday: Math- Complete worksheet.
                   Spelling- Write 5 sentences using any 5 spelling words.
                   Reading- Read passage.

Thursday: Math- Complete worksheet.
                Spelling-Write 5 sentences using 5 different sentences.
                Reading- Read passage.

Friday: No homework!! Please remember that the Reading and Spelling Tests are scheduled for Tuesday 3/20.

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