Eco 13 Question Paper Ignou Assignments

Without completing the solved assignment, the students will not be eligible to attend IGNOU TEE exam. It can be compulsory for each college student that is studying in this university should solve the assignment questions of desired courses. The students should submit the solved  before deadline to the study center of IGNOU. The students should gather the existing Ignou Bcom solved assignment and IGNOU study material and start the preparation. Then only the students can solve the assignment papers easily and fast. By using the study materials, the students can get some ideas about assignment solutions and they have to know the solutions to solve the questions in various way. If the student clich? d all questions from the study materials and IGNOU solved assignments, then the exam board of IGNOU will never be accepted their solved assignments. Those students will not be permitted to write the exam. Applying the study materials and solved assignment, the students can know how to write down thier answers in various way in their language. The students should be requested to do not copy the answers from existing solved assignment. After getting the study material, the students need to check all details will be presented in the study material.

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I am appearing for IGNOU B.COM (A and F) exams. My exams are starting on 6th Dec and I am plaaning to start preparations today.


Following are my subjects:



I am at a loss, about how to start prepararing. FST 01 (Science) appears to be a vast paper. I have downloaded the past papers from IGNOU website to get an idea. Is there any other book apart from the study material from IGNOU which is more summarized and which I can finish in the next 2-3 days.


Reply will be appreciated.

I appeared for all those and cleared all of them, except AED-1 which I wrote this year (AED is an application oriented course for 3rd year BCOM) . I thought those subjects would be easy. It turns out that when you have 2 hours and no limit on the words for each question with higher marks, you can come under pressure. It happened for me. I cleared FST and BSHF - both are 3 hours paper and lengthy. I prepared for them so I can't comment on swotting up at the last minute.

There are study materials available in the market, but specifically for IGNOU there are a very few publishers from Delhi (Neeraj is one of them). I personally haven't used them as it defeats my purpose of self study and understanding the subject. Moreover, IGNOU textbooks are concise but would take some time to understand. I used the suggested textbooks given at the back of the textbooks for an alternative explanation.

For AED, it was difficult to find a good a reference expecially for topics distinctive to Indian exports and imports. I searched FIEO (till date it shows coming soon on how to start an export business), ITPO and other websites. IGNOU textbook for this subject is outdated. Surprisingly, for a country which tries to promote exports a basic guide for Indian exporters/importers does not exit from the government. I found some good reference material from US Department of Commerce. In the end, I used Mahajan's book from Snow White Publications and Rama Gopal's book from New Age Publishing - both are pretty decent.

As to the question papers, the pattern does not change nor do the questions (except for numerical ones). If you solve all the questions (including terminal questions) given at the end of the chapter, you are good to go. If you solve all the question papers and are good at rote learning even better (unfortunately this strategy does not work for me).

Hope you did well in your exams, and wish you the very best for the future ones.




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